If it has worked for 200 years, it probably still works!

So why not use the knowledge we already have?

This is the philosophy behind my products, which are all based on nature's own chemistry. In addition, I have always believed that "if you can do better, you must do better". That's why I always work to find new and better ingredients - for the benefit of your skin.

Many greetings,
The beauty expert Raz

Our history

Firefighter of the Year

At the industry's largest and most recognized awards show, the Danish Beauty Award, Raz from Raz Skincare was named Fire Spirit of the Year. The judges' reasoning was:

"There is always a lovely aura, welcoming and friendliness around Raz. We know him from Torvehallerne, from TV, from videos and lectures, where he shares his enormous knowledge of herbs and ingredients that can make a difference to many people's skin. Raz has relaunched his brand in 2022 and the judges have noticed. There hasn't been a judges' meeting without Raz and Raz Skincare products being on the judges' lips – with the new Repair also in the most literal sense. Not to be forgotten on the feet... We are excited about the direction and the development journey the brand is going through. The journey must continue, because Raz is always looking for new inspiration so he can tell us new stories with his products. We look forward to following along.”