Sebaceous glands


What are sebaceous glands? What are comedones?

Comedones and pimples are the same thing. Often they are called comedones by the doctor and sebaceous pimples by everyone else.

It is clogged glands and pores that accumulate sebum. On the nose, they are most often seen as a black or white spot, and are often called a blackhead.

Why do I form sebum buds?
The sebaceous gland secretes a mixture of the fats (triglycerides, wax esters, squalene and cholesterol) and cellular waste, which is discharged as sebum through the sebaceous duct.

Sebum helps form the skin's slightly oily surface film; it thus helps to keep the skin supple and prevents the skin from losing moisture.

The sebaceous glands are large at your birth, then shrink throughout childhood and then come back in puberty. It is called maturation of the glands. This happens with the help of male hormones, especially testosterone.

The sebaceous glands are therefore involved in the development of Acne Vulgaris , blackheads and sebaceous pimples.

Is sebum production dangerous?
Sebum is important for your skin to keep it supple and moist. At the same time, tallow actually also contains both antibacterial and anti-fungal agents, so it's actually quite smart.

What do sebaceous glands look like?
It can be difficult to tell the difference between sebaceous glands and pimples, but a sebaceous gland does not become inflamed.

They are often on the face, but can actually form anywhere on the body where hair grows. That is, everywhere except the palms and soles of the feet.

Why do you get pimples on your face?
You get more sebaceous glands on the face and scalp, as we have significantly more sebaceous glands on the face and scalp. It's actually that easy. You can read about the reason why they are formed in one of the other sections.

Sebaceous glands near the eyes
There are several different skin conditions that look like sebum buds and which form near the eyes. I will not deal with these in this guide. I treat ordinary sebum buds further down under treatment.

Xanthelasma, are large and often yellowish, and mostly located on the eyelids and or at the corners of the eyes. Xanthelasma you must have your dermatologist look at.

Barley grain, which is also an inflammation, comes from clogged pores. They go away on their own otherwise eye drops are an option. Otherwise, contact a doctor.

Milia, small hard encapsulations of dead skin cells. Often come in small bunches and are mostly very small. These cannot be pressed and in the worst case must be physically removed by a skilled beautician. Milia can also appear on the cheeks and other places on the face.

Can I remove sebum buds myself?

You can easily remove them yourself. With the correct products, you will both remove them and ensure that no new ones form. You can help them on their way with a comedone spoon, but before that, you should read my section on this aggregate.

What does a comedone do? What does a comedone needle do?
There is also a comedone spoon, which in the old days was a very small spoon with a hole in the middle. You can then press this on the blackhead and the small blackhead can then come up in the hole. Today it is often a loop of steel, but the procedure is the same.
The downside to these comedone tools is that you can do tissue damage if you're not very careful. And you don't stop the formation of new comedones.

Can I remove sebum bumps by pressing with my fingers?
Ohhhh how tempting it can be to squeeze out those blackheads and sebum. However, you must be extremely careful, as you quickly do more tissue damage than good.

A good rule of thumb is to press with your little fingers, but no more than this. However, my recommendation is to only use products, they should probably work over time and then it all happens without fear of damage.

Do blackhead vacuums work?
Yes, I have seen them, and the idea is really funny. I have even tried several different ones myself, even one developed for clinic use with a huge motor on the side.

The one at the clinic actually worked on top of the blackhead, but unfortunately not in depth. Beyond that, they came again, unfortunately.

The small ones I have tested for home use seem to be more for fun. None of the tested worked as intended. And there was no advice to prevent the blackheads from returning.

Do masks work against blackheads and pimples?
I have seen the videos and pictures. I have tested several, but no matter which client I have tested on, I have never managed to create the same images or effect as the advertisements show. So for me the answer is no.

Should I use cream against sebum?
There are both creams and serums that can dissolve your sebum buds, but it is equally important that we also inhibit the production of new sebum buds. So the answer is clearly yes, there are plenty of creams with active ingredients against sebaceous glands, but remember to also prevent them so they don't come again. For this, you need a rich, delicious cream, which Raz Skincare Rich

How to treat sebum bumps on a baby?
Sebum bumps can also form on babies, in which case they will most often go away on their own during the child's first year of life.

Do I get pimples due to my diet?
Sebaceous glands have little or nothing to do with your diet. It is of course always good to have a healthy and varied diet, but there is no evidence that choosing or opting out of certain types of diet results in fewer or more sebaceous glands, but there is no scientific evidence that a changed diet will be able to remove or cause sebaceous glands.

Do sebaceous glands change with age?
Sebaceous glands do not change with our age. Our skin changes, and this can easily result in more sebum buds for some and fewer for others.

It is probably more essential to follow how your skin is doing. Then you should be able to go through life without the major inconveniences.

How to treat sebaceous glands? - you must use these products

Sebum bumps on the face

Morning routine – sequence and use

1. Raz Skincare Powder to Mousse
By simply using this cleanser morning and night for 30 seconds, it will eventually drain your pores and quietly remove the dissolved blockages. It foams up as soon as your hands are wet.

2. Raz Skincare Vitamin C
Moisturizing your skin so that it is kept as supple as possible, C vitamins and other active ingredients ensure that any imperfections in the skin are reduced. Apply to the entire face.

3. Raz Skincare Rich Face Cream
This rich face cream contains both agents against the formation of new sebum buds, but will also help to make the removal of those that break out easier.

Evening routine – sequence and use

1. Raz Skincare Powder to Mousse
No other cleanser, it also removes your makeup easily.

2. Raz Skincare A Retinoid
Apply every night after cleansing. You can also apply vitamin C to your advantage just before A-retinoid, but you must use A-retinoid as a minimum. It is A-retionide that dissolves the blockages that give you sebum buds and the sebum buds that you already have.

3. Raz Skincare Repair
Sleep with Repair Salve - this way you give your skin fat so it doesn't overproduce it itself. This may only need to happen for the first few weeks, until you have got rid of your sebum buds, therefore I also only put a Mini Repair 15ml. included in the package.

Other treatment
Raz Skincare Cp Chemical Peel
Peeling 1-3 times a week. I recommend Raz Skincare Cp Chemical Peel, as the high content of acid, minerals and active ingredients will help you with the blockages you have in the skin. Apply in a thin layer and wait 10 minutes before washing off.

Sebaceous glands on the body

I have not yet made a specific package for use with sebum bumps on the body, but below you will find my recommendations. You can easily buy the products individually.

Morning routine – sequence and use

Water or mild Body Wash
Wash with water only, and if possible, skip the bath so that the skin does not become unnecessarily dry. If you need to wash, use a mild soap such as Body Wash.

Raz Skincare Hh
Moisturizer for your skin, so we keep the skin as supple as possible. Apply only to the exposed areas.

Raz Skincare Body Lotion This rich rich cream is to keep as much moisture in your skin as possible. Even if your clothes dry out the skin, the cream will help you.

Evening routine – sequence and use

Every night after cleansing, maybe you also use Hh in the evening, but as a minimum you must use A-retinoid, as it is what dissolves the blockage that causes sebum buds but also what dissolves the already existing ones.

Raz Skincare Repair Ointment
Consider using a thicker ointment at night. I recommend my Repair Ointment as you get on top of A-retinoid.

Other treatment
Raz Skincare Mint Scrub
Scrub the area 3 times a week after a long bath. The skin must be warm and wet. Put 1-3 teaspoons of Mint Scrub on a washcloth and scrub the area well and thoroughly for 1-3 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

You have to arm yourself with more patience with sebum bumps on the body, but they will probably go away with time. The face is a smaller area, and therefore I also use several means for this area.

Dietary supplements that can help against sebaceous glands

20 mg. Zinc Citrate morning and evening for the first month, then only in the morning.

When will I see improvements on my sebum buds?

Remember that we are all different, for some it takes 30 days, for others 3 months, before the skin is healed and beautiful again. Yes you can get flare ups along the way, but in my 16 years this treatment has not failed.

I have collected the products you just have to have in one package, and given you a good price.

In severe cases - always see a doctor.

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