Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis

What does Perioral Dermatitis mean?

I have to break it down to answer. Perioral is formed from the words peri, which means around and oral, which means mouth. Dermatitis means inflammation or eczema. Perioral Dermatitis means eczema or inflammation around the mouth. Think of the name Atopic Dermatitis, which is common eczema, or Dermatitis Plantaris Sicca, which translates as eczema-foot-dry. So a dry eczema under the foot. And I guess we've had enough Latin for today.

What is Perioral Dermatitis?
Irritations around the mouth that come as small sores, scaly and red rashes. Often starting as small buds. The area may be itchy and there may easily be pus in the bumps, but other times the bumps develop into open sores.

What are the symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis?
Irritations around the mouth that come as small sores, scaly and red rashes. Often starting as small buds. The area may be itchy and there may easily be pus in the bumps, but other times the bumps develop into open sores. If fluid accumulation and redness are also experienced, then it is completely safe. What you are looking at is Perioral Dermatitis.

Where is Perioral Dermatitis located?
Typically the area around the mouth or as other irritation, sitting around the mouth, nose, chin and jaws. In some cases, the irritation occurs around the eyes and is then called Periorbital Dermatitis. Ok a little Latin came in again.

Periorbital Dermatitis is around the eyes, not in the eyes. If you experience eye irritation, see a doctor immediately.

What is the difference between rosacea and perioral dermatitis?
It can be difficult to tell the difference between Rosacea and Perioral Dermatitis. They can easily look alike, but with perioral dermatitis, telangiectasias (bursts in the blood vessels) do not occur, and the challenge is closer to the nose and mouth and rarely has the large reddened areas. Rosacea also rarely causes sores and fluid accumulations.

If you have the slightest doubt, read my instructions again Rosacea and see if it makes more sense to you.

What is the difference between Acne and Perioral Dermatitis?
The difference between Acne and Perioral Dermatitis is that Perioral Dermatitis are not closed comedones and do not occur on the forehead or on the bridge of the nose. Acne does not develop into the same open irritations as open wounds - as Perioral Dermatitis often does. If you are in doubt, read my instructions again Acne Vulgaris right here.

Who Gets Perioral Dermatitis?
Perioral Dermatitis affects younger women 90% more than men. The incidence, or frequency, is 0.5 – 1%, so if you experience Perioral Dermatitis you are probably a younger woman.

Why do you get Perioral Dermatitis?
The actual dermatological cause of Perioral Dermatitis is not known. But we can document that perioral dermatitis is often linked to a contact irritation, possibly Colgate toothpaste, which has a foaming agent that some people cannot tolerate. You can also get Perioral Dermatitis from perfume in makeup or creams.

Wet wipes, cleaning products, adrenal cortex hormone and flavored lip balm can all be responsible for Perioral Dermatitis. But Perioral Dermatitis can also be caused by disease, especially the Intestinal Diseases Morbus Chrohns / Colitis Ulcerosa cause Perioral Dermatitis. The tendency for Perioral Dermatitis increases in the cold period as more and more people use nasal sprays and the indoor climate becomes more and more dry, the more we heat up our buildings.

It can be read as if everything in life causes Perioral Dermatitis, but in the vast majority of cases it is contact irritation and quite easy to fix. Of course, I have made a package for you so that you can easily get rid of your Perioral Dermatitis.

Is there anything I should avoid if I have Perioral Dermatitis?

What to Avoid for Perioral Dermatitis? If you want to avoid Perioral Dermatitis, we need to find your trigger, which can be both physical and psychological. The worst thing you can do with Perioral Dermatitis is to use hormone cream, which only worsens your perioral dermatitis or keeps your skin passive.

Stress, Illness, Nasal spray, Perfume (check your make-up), creams, wet wipes, cleaning products, hormone creams, sunbathing, flavored/scented lip balm, foaming agent in toothpaste, hormonal imbalance and therefore also pregnancy.

The biggest culprit I experience is probably cleaning products and the first thing I would ask you to change is probably your cleanser. Consider the Raz Skincare Cleansing Mask, for all cleansing including makeup removal.

Can Perioral Dermatitis Cause Stress?
Perioral Dermatitis can easily be caused by stress in your life. It doesn't have to be stress at work, but changes in your life, or stressful situations in your life. Stress affects your hormone level and since an imbalance in the hormone level is a trigger for Perioral Dermatitis, stress can therefore give you Perioral Dermatitis.

Is Perioral Dermatitis Contagious?
Perioral dermatitis is not contagious and is relatively easy to treat with Raz Skincare Perioral Dermatitis treatment. I have described it further down.

Perioral dermatitis and Makeup
You may want to cover the area with makeup, but make sure it's as mild as possible, and completely perfume-free. If it is cream makeup, it must also not contain mineral oils, such as parapinum liquidium, petrolatum liquidium and the like. If the name sounds like Paraffin or Petroleum, then say no thanks.

Can Perioral Dermatitis go away on its own?
Perioral Dermatitis can easily disappear on its own, but it quite often comes back with greater force. This is because you may still be out of balance in your skin or you are still exposing your skin to the product that irritates your skin.

Perioral dermatitis and diet? Can I heal from Perioral Dermatitis?
There are many pages on the web that talk about different diets; that anti-inflammatory diet is great and that sugar causes Perioral Dermatitis. Gluten and milk are also blamed for Perioral Dermatitis and all sorts of ills, but let me emphasize that there is no clinical evidence for this.

There is no clinical evidence that diet cures Perioral Dermatitis.
It makes me want to capitalize nobody.

In fact, there is plenty of evidence that it has nothing to do with your Perioral Dermatitis.

How do I treat Perioral Dermatitis?

Stop any contact that you think may irritate your rash. It could easily be something that you have used for many years, but which you can no longer tolerate.

Be as gentle with the area as possible and do what you can to give it peace and rest.

As the skin is irritated as in Atopic Eczema, the treatment is somewhat the same, just even more gentle and mild. You can skip to my eczema cure here.

Treatment of Perioral Dermatitis - you must use these products, as it shouldn't take long, I have chosen small products so that it will be as cheap as possible.


1. Raz Skincare Powder to Mousse
I would use this cleanser every morning, to cleanse as gently as possible, I wouldn't use it as a mask, but wash gently for max 30 sec. In this way, you both clean the area and add a lot of vitamins and minerals.

2. Raz Skincare Hh
This hyaluronic acid will help your skin retain as much moisture as possible. This will mean that you heal more easily and that peptides can form new and healthy skin cells. It is only included in a small 10ml. Since your improvement would like to happen quickly.

3. Raz Skincare Face Cream Calm

I would recommend Raz Skincare Face Cream Calm at any time. It is specially formulated for irritated skin, contact dermatitis and perioral dermatitis. The greenish color will remove the redness, and it must be worked into the skin until the color is gone. The small bags are good for 3-5 days each, so there is plenty to reach the goal of your treatment.

If you prefer completely pure oils, I would recommend a mild rosehip seed oil, Raz Skincare Rh, which has nothing in it apart from the pure cold-pressed oil.


1. Raz Skincare Powder to Mousse
Every evening to clean as gently as possible - max 30 sec. It should probably remove any makeup, so you don't need to use any other cleanser than this one. It is the same as in the morning.

2. Raz Skincare Repair
I myself sleep with this salve every night - and yes, it makes me glisten like a glazed Christmas ham. But believe me when I tell you that you won't be left out when you experience how it helps your skin. Since I expect that you will quickly get over your Peioral Dermatitis and have therefore chosen to use only one Mini Repair 15ml. in the package.

When will I see improvements in my Perioral Dermatitis?

The sooner we change your skin's routine, the sooner it will go away on its own. Most people experience big changes already after 3 days.

Food supplements that can help against Perioral Dermatitis

I have made a list of the nutritional supplements I believe will be able to help you. I don't sell vitamins myself, so you have to find a dealer yourself.

Spectro – or another multivitamin
Mega B Stress – skin, hair nails
Zinc Citrate 20 mg – fights bacteria and inflammation
Ultra Omega – optimal fatty acids”

I have collected the products you just have to have in one package, and given you a good price.

In severe cases - always see a doctor.

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