Hands that crack

Hænder der sprækker

Dry hands that crack - why do they do it?

There are two reasons why your hands may be exposed, one is eczema the other is water.

With both, fissures can occur. Fissures are the small cracks you can experience in your skin. They are often small and they are often deep enough that the skin stings and sometimes bleeds or oozes.

The many daily times your hands are in contact with water is one of the things that dries out the skin the most. Every time you clean your hands under a hot tap, or just wet them, the skin will dry out. If you use any type of soap at the same time, the soap will be even more responsible for removing all the fat and natural oil from your skin.

A weekend in the garden with wet soil is as guilty as too much hand washing. But a dry climate can do exactly the same, just remember on the trip home from the beach. The sand has often made all skin crusty.

The skin needs fat to stay supple. As soon as the skin is wet, with or without soap, the fat will bond with the water molecule and wash off or evaporate together with the water.

Your dry skin is now significantly more prone to eczema and cracking. Just a simple bend of a finger can cause the small cracks to appear, it can be extremely painful.

3 things you must never do if you have dry, cracking hands.
Never wash your hands for a long time.
Never wash in hot water.
Never scratch or tear the dry skin.

3 things you must always remember if you have dry, cracking hands.
Dry hands thoroughly after washing.
Use hand cream after each hand wash.
Use fat ointment before going out.

I have extremely dry hands - is there anything I should avoid?
If you have cracked hands with many fissures, you must avoid making the situation worse. If you have eczema, it is important to stop the eczema, if you are just dry, you must avoid worsening the dryness.

Can dry skin on the hands cause itching?
Dryness on the hands can cause irritation and not least a slight stinging pain that is often experienced as itching. Remember a good cream and salve, and you'll get better quickly.

Should you use oil on dry, cracked hands?
Oils can easily be used in the fight against dry hands. There are both fatty and dry oils, what is meant by dry oils is that they penetrate quickly. If you want to use oil, you must therefore find a dry oil.

Should you use cream on dry, cracked hands?
You need so much greasy creams and ointments for your dry cracked hands. Preferably several times a day and especially after each contact with water.

I wear gloves outdoors and still experience dry hands?
Gloves are a really good idea when you are going out in cold weather. The only thing that is important is that they are not damp or wet. If they are, they will only make your situation worse.

A good idea is to have two pairs of gloves and preferably some that can be washed. Then you can always have a pair of dry gloves and you don't have to worry if they get a little greasy inside from all the greasy ointment or hand cream.

I am pregnant and have very dry hands - which products should I use?
If you are pregnant and get dry hands, just look at the list of contents of the products you want to use. You probably have a list of the ingredients you want to avoid, and of course you have to look for them.

I myself have not come across products over the counter that are targeted at dry hands and that have a content that the Danish Health Authority does not recommend for pregnant women.

Do I have eczema?

Your cracked hands could easily be due to eczema. If it is eczema, then it is probably something you experience often. In the case of contact dermatitis, the contact must of course cease, and the eczema will disappear. In the case of atopic skin or children's eczema, I would very much like to direct your attention to my instructions on Atopic skin.

Should I go to the doctor with my cracked hands?
In some cases, the patient is so attacked that you need the doctor's help. The doctor often treats with hydrocollid. Hydrocolloid is a moisture-retaining wound dressing that is used for many different types of wounds. You can buy them over the counter.

Other times the doctor will treat with 2% lapis, but I will not go into that here, the doctor will handle that.

Treatment of cracked hands - you must use these products

1. Raz Skincare Ai
Since hands that crack are often also affected by eczema, I will always treat morning and evening with Ai. Wet your hands with Ai and let it dry. Yes, it really hurts. Since not everyone has eczema, Ai is not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

2. Raz Skincare Repair
Morning and evening after Ai, I will take my Repair and drip 2-3 drops Vitamin E in, and apply this to your hands. Possibly. you can use a pair of cotton gloves if you are nervous about getting greasy. The vitamin E is only for you with the really big wounds and fissures, then The vitamin E is not included in this basic package, so it must be purchased separately.

3. Raz Skincare Hand Cream
A good hand cream after every time your hands feel dry or after every hand wash is essential for your care. The one I have in the package is a fast-penetrating hand cream that absorbs quickly and

Other treatment

Raz Skincare Lavender Scrub
You can optimize your treatment by removing the dead skin cells. This is done gently and effectively with my Lavender Scrub. Wash hands thoroughly with Lavender Scrub (minimum 5 minutes). Rinse in cold water and pat dry before further treatment.

When will I see improvement on my cracking hands?

If you follow all my recommendations, you should see improvement after 2-3 days. In severe cases, it can take up to 14 days for the fusion to become optimal.

I have collected the products you just have to have in one package, and given you a good price.

In severe cases - always see a doctor.

Hug Raz