Strawberry legs


What are strawberry legs?

These are the hair follicles, or enlarged pores, that contain a mixture of oil, hair, bacteria and dead skin. When the above is exposed to hair removal and air, especially fat and the dead skin cells will oxidize and turn dark. So it's just your own skin and your own fat that has been stuffed up and turned dark, and can be compared somewhat to blackheads.  

Why do I get strawberry legs?

There are several different conditions that can cause strawberry legs. Everything from yeast to Keratosis _ P ilaris , some of which may overlap. In this guide, I will concentrate on treating the most frequent type, that of the clogged pores. It is actually also the easiest to treat.  
The most common strawberry legs recover from irritated skin. Irritation that can come after:  Dry skin,  shaving, dead skin cells, bacteria, overproduction of sebum .  
These are fairly normal things, and therefore most people also find that treating strawberry legs is very easy and affordable.  

Five things you must never do if you want to avoid strawberry legs

  • Shave with an old scraper
  • Forget a good and fat cream
  • Hair removal just before training
  • Share scrubbing glove or scraper
  • Forget to remove dead skin cells

An old scraper is dull and not least dirty, therefore it irritates the skin and hair follicles unnecessarily, and this can cause strawberry legs. 

A dry skin is tight and will try to compensate with an overproduction of sebum (oil and grease). This will easily make strawberry legs. 

The skin is more exposed right after shaving, no matter how the hair is removed. When you sweat, even more bacteria and irritation come to the dog, and therefore often strawberry legs. 

Never share your tools for the skin, you have your own very special microbiome (bacteria, fungi, mites and viruses) and it should not be disturbed by anyone else's. 

Dead skin cells have a tendency to get stuck in the pores of the skin, they can clog the pores so that sebum (oil and fat) does not flow freely, and form blackheads. 

4 easy tips against strawberry legs

  • Lots of moisture and care products morning and evening 
  • Exfoliate the skin regularly
  • Gentle but effective cleaning 
  • Gentle hair removal

If the skin is well-oiled and moisturized, it will not overproduce sebum itself. In addition to the skin being more elastic and looking nicer, you also remove a major reason for strawberry legs. Once you've removed the dead skin cells from your legs, you'll have a more even complexion, and you'll even eliminate one of the major reasons for strawberry legs. 

If you find a cleanser that is mild enough to also be used for shaving, then you are sure that you will not dry out and irritate the skin: two things that can both cause strawberry legs. No matter how you remove hair, do it safely. Clean and replace old or used material. All soap and shaving cream are drying. 

Treatment of strawberry legs - you must use these products

I recommend trying with the easiest and cheapest solution. The vast majority will experience improvements already after 7 days.  
If you have extremely stubborn strawberry legs, contact me on Instagram or by email. But start with this treatment.

1. Body Wash  Smoothing Effect  

Wash your legs once a day. The effective AHA acid will help remove old cells. This process is called exfoliation. In addition, this mild AHA stimulates your cell renewal, which gives you a brighter complexion, as well as smoother and softer skin, so we not only remove your strawberry bones, but also ensure that they do not return.

My Body Wash also contains Sodium PCA, which is a humectant from plant residues. This agent draws moisture to your skin and helps retain moisture and fights sebum, ingrown hairs. Together with Probiotica, which nourishes the good bacteria, we also remove the redness that may be around the hair follicles.

Feel free to use a washcloth for your wash, so that you also gently remove excess skin cells physically.

This Body Wash is very effective, so don't leave it on for more than 1 minute before rinsing it off. 

When shaving, I recommend that you use my Powder to Mousse . This ensures that you do not dry out the skin unnecessarily as with ordinary shaving cream. This is to prevent your strawberry legs from continuing or coming back.

2. Body Lotion  Smoo thing Effect

Morning and evening the legs lubricated in, and you are very welcome to massage the cream well into the skin, so that we get the maximum effect down into and around the hair follicles.  
The LWG technology makes it possible to use low concentrations of AHAs , which can match the performance of conventional AHA treatments while avoiding side effects such as inflammation and inflammation. Expect already after 2 weeks a renewal of the corneal layer as well as a more even structure and skin tone .  
The moisture -preserving Sodium PCA is a means from plant residues. Sodium PCA draws moisture to your skin and helps retain moisture and fights strawberry leg, sebum buds and ingrown hairs .  
Minerals, minerals and more minerals, you've probably heard that minerals are fantastic for irritated, imbalanced skin. Therefore, my Body Lotion Smoothing Effect naturally enriched with lots of deep sea minerals. They fight the inflammation (redness) that comes with strawberry legs and strengthen the skin's tissue, so that even if a single blockage were to occur, it would be almost invisible to the naked eye.  
I have made a package with both of them, which you currently get a little discount on.  

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When will I see improvements to my strawberry legs?

It's hard to say as we are all different, but most people see big changes within a week. 

The treatment should be done morning and evening, just as you treat the skin on the face to get the most optimal skin. It is a very good idea to do the same with the rest of the skin, especially if you have a condition or irritation such as strawberry legs. 

For some people, strawberry legs are easily remedied. Prevention and home treatment can go a long way, so it is possible to successfully remove strawberry legs on your own. 

However, for those with thicker body hair, darker skin pigmentation and additional challenges in the hair follicles, strawberry legs can come back and be more difficult to treat. If this is the case for you, professional treatment options may be your most effective option for long-term symptom relief. Finally, start by contacting me on Instagram or by email if you don't feel that this treatment is enough for you.