Why does the skin age?

Why do I get wrinkles, why does my skin become loose, why is the skin no longer so uniform? Yes, we all get older, but we want to keep old age and wrinkles at bay. We feel young inside, but the signs on the outside just aren't the same. Why am I getting old?

I will try to explain it as best as possible. The reason is the breakdown of your cells, indeed the breakdown of the whole body. It happens when the remains of oxygen uptake in the body, they are called free radicals, damage the surrounding cells in order to stabilise. The free radicals also originate from pollution and are increased by solar cultivation. It is popularly said that the cell is oxidized. Couldn't you just use anti-oxidants? Yes, that could be a solution, and more on that later.

What are free radicals? Why do we form free radicals?
The body uses oxygen to live, you breathe to oxygenate your blood. Oxygen is used in the process for the formation of new cells, but in the process we have some residual material called free radicals. The free radicals are not stable and therefore take from the surrounding cells to become stable, this inhibits and damages your cells and your DNA. Sometimes a chain reaction occurs and the damage turns into various diseases.

But where do they come from, the free radicals?

The body: Fitness, breathing, illness and poor diet. Living cells need energy to live. The energy comes from a wide range of substances and oxygen. When the oxygen is used, residual substances are formed, and these are what we call free radicals. Poor diet, alcohol, certain medicines, illness and stress increase the amount of free radicals.

The environment: Pollution and sun.
The free radicals can also be absorbed in our environment. Cars, smoke, sun rays, pesticides and, and, and... yes, it is a bit difficult to avoid the free radicals.

Finally, free radicals form other free radicals in a kind of chain reaction. One free radical forms a new one, which forms a third, etc.

The body defends itself against the free radicals with the help of antioxidants, which are a number of vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals. The antioxidants capture the free electron or the entire radical so that it cannot damage the body's tissues. Much more on that later.

Are free radicals dangerous?
It's a bit difficult to answer, because the free radicals damage the surrounding cells and cause things like signs of aging on your skin and diseases in your body, but they are also an important ingredient in your immune system. For example, the formation of free radicals in the body's defense cells is necessary for an effective fight against microorganisms and infections. So the answer to whether free radicals are dangerous is yes and no, too many are bad but too few are also bad.

What is oxidative stress?
Oxidative stress is the word we use for the breakdown of the cells. Too few antioxidants in relation to the amount of free radicals in the body can cause oxidative stress, which causes cell breakdown.

Antioxidants in the fight against wrinkles
If you want to inhibit an excessive number of free radicals and the oxidative stress it has on your body and skin, we must use the opposite of oxidation, namely anti-oxidants. So yes, antioxidants are important in your fight against skin aging.

What are anti-aging products?

In the old days, anti-aging products were a term for anti-wrinkle products. Today, it is all kinds of signs of aging that we want to fight. Therefore, the active substances are somewhat more complex. We don't just want the wrinkles to be smoothed out, we also want more glow, we want liver spots and other pigment disorders to disappear, we want more structure in the skin and more collagen. Yes, there are a lot of wishes we want to fulfill. This is also why there are large fluctuations in the prices of anti-aging products. Some brands want to give you as many active ingredients as possible, want to give you as much boost as possible and these active ingredients cost money. Others include fewer or fewer active ingredients in their products and can then be cheaper. It's a big world, and you always have to find what you think suits you and your skin.

What is the best anti-aging cream?
I don't think there is one cream above all others that suits everyone's wishes. But a combination of a proper routine adapted to both what the skin needs during the day in terms of moisture and protection and what it can absorb in the evening of heavy active substances when the skin's barrier is more open. I have of course put together a routine for you so that you can get optimal protection during the day and optimal repair at night.

What is the best anti-aging serum?
It depends on what anti-aging is for you, is it to bind more moisture, get rid of wrinkles, get rid of pigment disorders? Because you want different active substances in your serum. The composition of products in my anti-aging package will cover all age-related ailments.

How do anti-aging products work? Does wrinkle cream work?
Yes, it works, and even better than we had previously imagined.

The way products against wrinkles and signs of aging work is by increasing cell production in the basal cell layer, so you make more new cells. Cells that are fresh and without DNA and sun damage. At the same time, we try to get the skin to form more collagen and elastin, so that the skin becomes as thick and elastic as it was before the signs of aging appeared. Finally, we try to protect the skin so that no new signs of aging appear.

Why should I use anti-aging products? Why should I use wrinkle cream?
You don't have to use anti-aging products, it's just an offer. You have to find out yourself and feel whether it is something for you. The active ingredients are often more expensive than the other "ordinary" products on the market. It may also be more time-consuming than your current routine. So it's a matter of your wishes for your skin.

When should I start using anti-aging products?

The cell breakdown and aging of the skin occurs from the mid-twenties and increases steadily thereafter. You must start an anti-aging treatment for your skin when you think it is suitable for you.

Personally, I myself am sad that I did not know what I know today when I was younger. Then I started as soon as I was an adult. I was probably too immature when I was in my mid-20s, but when I turned 30, I would have liked to have had access to the tools we have today.

Are there any foods I should avoid?
Unhealthy foods such as alcohol and fatty foods produce more free radicals than healthy foods and plenty of water. But oh how I just love Danish food with roast pork and brown potatoes. I don't hold back a glass of wine at the weekend either. I therefore try to have a green smoothie or eat some greens in the following days.

Does vitamin A work against wrinkles?
Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and a strong antioxidant. Therefore, this vitamin will be able to penetrate the cell and help it divide into new cells. Unfortunately, the vitamin A, retinol, is also quite unstable and toxic. Therefore, I will always look for the new and significantly more stable and non-toxic retinoid. Raz Skincare A-retinoid is 5% and the healthiest and most effective you can get in the fight against signs of ageing.

Should I choose products with sunscreen?
YES, there is almost nothing more important during the day. The harmful effect of the sun on the skin and the degradation of your skin by the sun is significant. That's why Raz Skincare Face Cream Rich and Raz Skincare Face Cream Calm both have SpF30 to protect you all year round.

Is there an anti-aging cream for men? Is there a wrinkle cream for men?
There are some brands that have aimed their products at men and their skin. When it comes to signs of ageing, wrinkles and sun damage, however, the same remedies are needed. So whether you are a man or a woman, the Raz Skincare anti-aging range will work for you.

You must use these anti-aging products

Morning routine – sequence and use

1. Raz Skincare Powder to Mousse
For all cleaning of the skin, so you boost with more minerals and vitamins and get an optimal color and not least antioxidants against the day's degradation.

2. Raz Skincare Hh
Use as a moisturizing serum every morning so that the skin is boosted with moisture and the building blocks for new skin cells are supplied. This is also where you give your skin more collagen, so that fine lines are smoothed out.

3. Raz Skincare Rich Face Cream
It is important that we stop the aging of your skin. Use Rich Face Cream as your day cream. It contains SPF30, so you are protected against the sun's harmful rays - a must in an anti-aging routine!

Evening routine – sequence and use

1. Raz Skincare Powder to Mousse
For all cleaning of the skin, so you boost with more minerals and vitamins and get an optimal color and not least antioxidants against the day's degradation.

2. Raz Skincare Hh
The same serum as in the morning, so the skin is boosted with moisture and we add building blocks for new skin cells.

3. Raz Skincare A Retinoid
Use as a serum every night to loosen up your scar tissue (just a thin layer). A-retinoid will cause your skin cells to divide so that new skin is formed. Along with peptides and hyaluron (which you find in Hh), A-retionide is the most important product in your anti-aging routine.

4. Raz Skincare Repair
Use Repair as a night mask. You may not need this glory, but it's one way to make sure your skin doesn't lose too much water overnight – and you'll wake up with the softest skin! I have it in a 15ml. Edition so you can try it out.

Other treatment

Raz Skincare Cp – Chemical Peel
Every time you wash your hair (1-3 times a week), we remove the dead skin cells, increase cell regeneration and optimize the skin to accept your products.

When will I see improvements?

Yes, it is hard to say if you have not used hyaluronic before, you will see the first improvements immediately after application. It also depends on whether you start as a 20-year-old or as a 60-year-old and which of the many signs of aging you want improved.

I have collected the products you just have to have in one package, and given you a good price.

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