Impure skin, acne, pimples on the back

Uren hud, akne, bumser på ryg

In this guide, you can learn much more about what impurities are on the back, legs, buttocks or arms and, not least, how you can treat it. I have also put together a package with the products that I believe you should use to get rid of your blemishes - see it under "treatment".

What are impurities on the back?

Your impurities can come from really many reasons. The most important thing is to find out what it is you are suffering from. Is it ingrown hair, is it fungus, is it sebum or is it pimples/acne?

You probably recognize ingrown hairs, and if that's what you're suffering from, read the instructions again Strawberry legs, because you probably only need this treatment.
If they are sebum buds that do not turn into direct pimples, you must read the instructions Keratosis Pilaris, I think that the mild treatment together with a Mint scrub is abundant.

If your rash itches, is discolored lighter or darker, is swollen, has larger areas, it could be a fungus or perhaps shingles, so you should see a doctor.

Why do you get pimples, blemishes or acne on your back?
Many different bacteria live on the skin. One of them is called Cutis Bacterium Acnes. This bacteria feeds on dead skin cells, and especially on the fat and oil that your glands produce. If the bacterium gets into a clogged pore, it will be able to develop, and when the body's immune system sends white blood cells to fight it, a pimple is formed. Ordinary pimples are called Acne Vulgaris in Latin. Acne means the skin disease pimples and vulgaris means common.

The skin contains many small hair follicles or sacs, each containing a hair and a cluster-shaped sebaceous gland. Sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum, which is normally secreted by the pore to lubricate the hair and skin. Pimples, or acne, are sebum and inflammation of the sebaceous glands/hair follicles. If the exit to the skin's surface is blocked by dead skin cells or a lack of elasticity, the sebum clogs up and the blackheads become inflamed and turn into sore, red nodules. Don't compare it to the impurities that sebum, ingrown hairs or infection can give you.

What is the difference between acne and pimples on the back?
It is actually the same, purely dermatologically. Since it is the same bacteria that forms the pimple, you therefore have acne, whether it is a single pimple or many. The largest pimples can leave scars. Deeper infections can lead to hard nodules under the skin called cysts – also known as cystic acne. If you suffer from this, you should see a doctor.

Who gets dirty skin, pimples or acne on the back?
Almost all teenagers have acne. The problem usually disappears by the age of 25. The production of sebum in your sebaceous glands is greater during puberty and in women during their periods. It is the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that is responsible for the overproduction of sebum. As a teenager, it is often in the last third of adolescence that this hormone is high, and also there that you will be able to experience the biggest outbreaks.

When it comes to places other than the face, hard physical training can also stimulate hormone production, and therefore also cause acne, pimples or impure skin. Tight-fitting clothes or work equipment can also indicate impurities. If this is the case, try to keep the equipment as clean as possible and have the equipment in as short a time as possible.

Why do I get impure skin, pimples and acne on my buttocks?
Most people who experience pimples on the buttocks or direct acne on the buttocks also experience a greater development of heat in this particular area. This suggests that tight clothing that is not easy for the skin to breathe in, more often causes pimples on the buttocks than loose cotton clothing.

A cautious conclusion on unclean skin on the buttocks is therefore that it may possibly be due to synthetic tight clothing. It's easy to check yourself.

If you are prone to acne on the buttocks, or other impure skin on the buttocks, an easy solution can be to use more moisturizer, preferably a product that also prevents clogging of the pores. I would recommend Raz Skincare Body Lotion and Raz Skincare Body Wash. If the problem is not solved by this, you should read this entire guide on Unclean skin on the body.

Possible causes of acne?
There are lots of articles and tricks, tips and tricks, I have written much more about these in my guide Acne Vulgaris.

Do sugar and alcohol cause acne?
Lots of research has been done about diet and acne. In the vast majority of cases, a change in intake of sugar, chips and other unhealthy foods will not have a major effect on impure skin as long as your intake is moderate. So if you get drunk on a Saturday and you end up with a hangover on Sunday and eat chips, pizza and chocolate, you don't have to wake up with a face full of acne. It is only if you drink alcohol and consume sugar and other unhealthy things in very large quantities that it can have an impact on your skin. However, there are of course always exceptions.

Can a healthy diet help my impure skin, acne or pimples on my back?
There are many studies that show that a fiber-rich diet with lots of vegetables gives beautiful skin and has good effects on your body. There are just as many studies that show that it does not have much effect if wrinkles and acne are genetic. A healthy diet can therefore give you a lot of good things, but it will only have a big effect if your acne comes from irritated intestines or the like.

Do I get impure skin, pimples and acne from exercise?
The skin is exposed to a lot of waste substances which, together with your sweat, contribute to the imbalance of the skin. It is therefore important to clean the skin after training, which is fairly easy if you just take a shower.

Get in the shower quickly. Sweat, waste materials and damp training clothes are breeding grounds for lots of bacteria and fungal species. The sooner your skin gets back into balance, the better.

If you use public bathing facilities, the soap may be of a nature that your skin is not in balance with. Therefore, consider bringing your own washing products. I would recommend Powder to Mousse as this does not weigh that much and it can be used for washing from head to toe.

Do I get impure skin, pimples and acne from the wrong clothes?
Tight-fitting clothes that do not allow moisture to escape from the surface of the skin can well cause skin irritations. This is sometimes seen with synthetic clothing, or as pimples on the balls of folds that sit very low.

Furthermore, tight clothing can cause friction against the skin which irritates the skin and can cause pimples, impure skin or acne. This is often seen on balls.

5 things you must never do when you have impure skin, pimples and acne on your back:
5 things you must never do when you have impure skin, pimples and acne on your balls:

5 things you must never do when you have impure skin, pimples and acne on your chest:

1. Never scratch or scratch acne, pimples or blemishes. It irritates the skin unnecessarily and you worsen the chance of scar tissue and inflammation.

2. Don't believe in quick fix tricks. The skin takes the time it takes. Household advice with toothpaste or other remedies does not help.

3. Never let it stand. Your skin is out of balance, that's why the acne, the blemish or the pimple has appeared. Start treating your skin right away, so you reduce the chance of too many more appearing.

4. Never try to squeeze and massage a pimple or acne that is not ready. I know you want to, but in addition to the fact that it can jump in, it also gives longer healing time and a greater chance of scar tissue formation.

5. Don't wear the same clothes too many days in a row. Bacteria and other good things can easily sit in the clothes and worsen your outbreak. This applies especially to training clothes.

Acne treatment
I am often asked what is the best product for acne. It is different from person to person, but I have put together a treatment that has produced great results for many. You may not need them all.

Morning and evening
1. Raz Skincare Body Wash
Preferably with a brush or a washcloth so that you really get clean.

2. Raz Skincare Mdh
Apply Mdh as the last step. The herbs cause the skin to reduce sebum and tallow production, and therefore also prevent sebaceous glands and blackheads, among other things. In addition, it lubricates the tubular pores so that sebum can flow more freely.

3. Raz Skincare Body Lotion
Lotion is important, the ingredients should probably help you, if you don't get to wash both morning and evening, then Mdh and Lotion are still important.

Other treatment
Raz Skincare Cp – Chemical Peel
1-3 times a week you can put Cp on the affected area, it will dissolve the blockages. Leave on for 10 minutes before washing off.

Dietary supplements that can help with acne

There are various deficiencies in your body that can cause acne. Therefore, here I made a list of the food supplements that I believe will be able to help you.

Spectro – or another multivitamin.
Mega B Stress – skin, hair nails.
Zinc Citrate 20 mg – fights bacteria and inflammation.
Multidophilus 24 – optimal digestion.
Ultra Omega – optimal fatty acids.
Vitamin C – immune system.

When will I see improvement in my acne?
Remember that we are all different. For some it takes 14 days, for others it takes 3 months before the skin is healed and beautiful again. I understand if you are impatient, but a product like Retinoid only has maximum effect after 12 weeks.

Will there be flare-ups in my acne treatment?
There are some who experience major flare-ups when they start an acne treatment - but most experience nothing. It is important to continue a course you have started so that you reach your goal. Agents such as A-retinoid and nutritional supplements can easily provoke a bloom, but it should probably be nice at the other end.

How to remove acne scars?

Should I choose laser treatment for acne?
Laser treatment may well be the right choice for certain acne breakouts. But do it through your doctor. There are really many clinics, of a more or less professional nature, that offer laser treatment of both acne and acne scars. It's your skin and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. I would therefore always choose a clinic referred by a doctor.

In severe cases - always see a doctor.

Hug Raz

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I have collected the products you just have to have in one package. It does not get any easier.