Sea Water Extract

Salt curd
Residue is the water that is left when table salt has been produced at Læsø Saltsyderi. This brine is not edible, but it does contain a number of minerals and trace elements which have proven to be extremely beneficial for the skin. Salt contains trace elements, magnesium, minerals and iodine, which are absorbed directly by the skin. The residual layer has, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, a composition that is very similar to human blood plasma. This is one of the reasons why it has such a beneficial effect on our skin. Even bad eczema and psoriasis can be alleviated. Milder cases of skin problems such as pimples, inflammation and fungus can be markedly improved or even disappear. The salt concentration in our brine is 9 times higher than that of ordinary seawater, and the brine therefore contains the same concentration as is found in the Dead Sea in Israel. Deep Sea Mineral
The deep-sea chimneys spew up seawater after it has swirled around in the earth's scalding interior. Seawater brings with it from the earth's interior large quantities of mineral substances. They are called deep sea minerals, and they fight inflammation, provide moisture and improve the condition and color of the skin. They are also known to soothe almost all kinds of skin ailments by strengthening the skin's tissue - and probably most of all by maintaining the chemical balance.

The minerals stimulate the skin's blood circulation and help remove toxins, and they strengthen the cell membrane against drying out and daily damage (oxidative stress). The deep-sea minerals' high magnesium content protects the skin from external damage as they regulate cellular regeneration and repair, increasing recovery when the skin is disturbed and strength when under attack. All the many minerals help to improve the condition and color of the skin.