Salix Purpurea Bark Extract

Purple arrow
Willow extract has been used for natural cosmetics many years back. Experience from this long tradition means that it is safe to use willow for cosmetics. The purple willow has the highest content of salicylic acid and ascorbic acid that we find in nature, and it is the most used ingredient in anti-aging skin care products. Ascorbic acid is used in high percentages in creams for skin cancer and sun damage. Ascorbin and salicylic acid together are used against pigment damage and not least for hormonally disturbed skin, as they inhibit the bad bacteria and keep lactic acid bacteria alive longer. Ascorbic acid is also a vitamin C that is important for the body's immune system. Among other things, it protects against viruses and bacteria in the skin. Purple arrowroot extract has a prebiotic effect. Prebiotics are food for the 'good' bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on your skin and by adding a full 2% we have a soap that also helps against the irritations you may experience with an imbalanced skin. Whether it's ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris, eczema or if you just want skin that's always in balance, this is a good ingredient to use.