Salicornia Herbacea Extract

Natural and effective moisturizer that smoothes the skin. Saltwort (or Kveller as it is also called) is a plant that can retain moisture like no other. It is almost natural hyaluronic. Even during the hottest summers, saltwort can retain moisture and minerals.

Its scientific name is Salicornia Europaea. You can almost hear that this herb grows on the salty coastline, and if you eat it, you will also be able to taste salt and soda. In addition to the moisture-binding property, it contains large amounts of soda, salts, minerals, amino acids and peptides, which, when we make it into an extract, become a gift for dry or impure skin.

The combination of moisture and baking soda is fantastic in the fight against dry, scarred or impure skin. Together, they will not only dissolve dead skin cells, but also reduce inflammation. It's too strong for rosacea, but great for acne, blackheads or pimples. Latest scientific trials published on 7 May 2020 show that saltwort extract not only binds moisture to the skin, but also increases the skin's resistance to oxidative stress/cell damage, and increases the rebuilding and regeneration of skin damage.