Rubus Arcticus Fruit Extract

Cranberries mixed with lingonberries, mulberries and agar berries have, through CYRO extraction, a high content of enzymes, vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants. They protect the skin against the natural oxidative stress it is normally exposed to and create balance through the changes the other ingredients give it. At the same time, the natural acids, which are higher than other more southern berry extracts, ensure that the dead skin cells are gently and naturally exfoliated. Extract from arctic wild berries – the cryo extract of the arctic wild berries is obtained by mixing the following arctic wild berries harvested in Lapland in northern Finland: – Arctic raspberry: Rubus arcticus – Mulberry: Rubus chamaemorus – Lingon: Vaccinium vitis -idea. These arctic wild berries contain polyphenols and more specifically anthocyanins, tannins and organic acids that help moisturize the skin and have antioxidant activity.