Perfume is another name for fragrance. According to the United States Personal Care Product Council: "The term Perfume must be used for ingredient labeling in the European Union (EU) rather than indicating the individual components of the fragrance under the 6th Amendment of the EU Cosmetics Directive. The INCI name allowed for labeling in the United States and corresponding to this EU labeling name is Fragrance.
Due to the exact ingredients in a fragrance/perfume not having to be listed in all cases, it is impossible for consumers to know what they are putting on their skin. What research has shown over the years is that fragrance, even when labeled "perfume," poses a strong risk of skin irritation—and this cumulative irritation can occur beneath the skin without showing obvious signs on the surface. Therefore, we recommend everyone to avoid the use of perfumed personal care products; it's simply what's best for your skin's long-term healthy appearance.