Moroccan Lava Clay

Volcanic ash that fell about 63 million years ago. For the past several thousand years, the ash has absorbed vitamins and minerals from the subsoil. This ash/clay therefore has more vitamins and minerals than any other in the world. It contains higher percentages of silicon, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other minerals and trace elements than other types of clay. These minerals make the clay very suitable for detox and you will experience a deeper and uniform glow in the skin. Volcanic Ash is also perfect for cleansing the skin, as it dries up blackheads/comedomas, removes impurities - and the skin is enriched with nourishing minerals that are perfect for balancing any skin. According to clinical studies, volcanic ash and the coconut fat salt produce the following results: Less dryness, less dandruff, clearer skin, elasticity, firmness and structure, less oily skin, cleans clogged pores and makes skin more supple by removing dead skin cells. The clay has a pH value of 6.9 to 7.5.