Hydrolyzed Corn Starch Beta Vulgaris Root Extract

Binds moisture with immediate and long-lasting effect. Beta Vulgaris grows wild everywhere in Denmark, and the most widespread is the wild-growing beach beet, which is the one I use. You probably know a few beet types yourself, such as beetroot, beetroot or sugar beet.

New standards have been set for cellular extractions, which means that today we can extract water-soluble extract from beach beds, which is a source of Lysine Amino Acid. Studies show that lysine not only helps against the inflammation you experience with acne, but also contributes to increased collagen structure, which will give you more elasticity and firmness in the skin.

But, but, but... Ohhh the wonderful moisture. Beta Vulgaris Root Extract increases the concentration of NMFs (natural moisturizing factors). It therefore binds and increases the skin's own moisture balance. In a test cream, 1% beed extract was added. After application, the test subjects' skin was measured every two hours using a corneometer, and it was found to maintain an increased level of hydration for over 8 hours on the test subjects who had been given beed extract in their cream and not a placebo.