Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract

Sea buckthorn extract – the extract helps to increase the elasticity of the skin/scalp, helps to retain its natural moisture. This increased elasticity helps the polyunsaturated oils, which sea buckthorn also contains, to draw down into the hair follicles. These vitamins have a lengthening cycle on the hair follicle's production of keratin which gives stronger hair. Sea buckthorn extract promotes the cell wall barrier, and is instrumental in healing wounds and restoring the skin's tissue. Therefore, sea buckthorn extract provides an anti-wrinkle effect, a cell-regenerating effect, and helps to heal skin that has suffered sun damage, or suffers from wounds and eczema.
Sea buckthorn extract has been used for many generations and peoples to increase the elasticity of the skin and it still works. Increasing the skin's own elasticity will ensure that the skin does not sag or form stretch marks/stretches in lines and will help the skin against clogged hair follicles, sebum buds and much more.