Distarch Phosphate

Distillate phosphate is a natural ingredient used in cosmetics as an anti-caking and binding agent. This starch derivative comes from the esterification of food starches, including those derived from tapioca, rice and corn.

In addition to its use in cosmetics, starch phosphate is a common food additive used in products such as tortillas, dry cereals and pasta to add texture and provide dietary fiber. The US Food and Drug Administration has given distarch phosphate its generally recognized as safe distinction as a food additive.

The maximum concentration of use of starch phosphate in leave-on cosmetics is 7.5%. In its raw form, it is a white or almost white powder or granule. Along with its primary roles as binding and anti-caking agents, this starch can also help reduce a greasy or tacky feel that some emulsions have and can prevent water-soluble ingredients in a formula from evaporating too quickly. https://www.paulaschoice.co.uk/distarch-phosphate/ingredient-distarch-phosphate.html