Dibutyl Adipate

Dibutyl adipate is a synthetic ester mixture of the fatty alcohol butyl alcohol and the fatty acid known as adipic acid. This versatile ingredient can act as an emollient, solvent for UV filters and film former. It has a smooth, lubricating feel on the skin that improves spreadability, one of the reasons why it is a popular addition to many sunscreen formulas.
Usage levels of dibutyl adipate in cosmetics range from 0.005-8%, depending on the formulation and aesthetic needs. Safety testing of this ingredient was conducted several times, with the most recent report being completed in 2012. Dibutyl adipate is considered safe as currently used in cosmetics.
It is described as a clear, colorless and odorless ingredient with an oily feel. Studies of this ingredient's pore-clogging potential have shown that even very high concentrations (up to 80%) do not cause this problem. https://www.paulaschoice.com/ingredient-dictionary/ingredient-dibutyl-adipate.html?q=Dibutyl%20Adipate&fdid=ingredients