Ceramide NG

Ceramide NG (formerly known as ceramide 2) belongs to a larger group of ceramides that occur naturally in the skin as long chains of lipids (fats). "NG" refers to the sphinganine base of this ceramide.
Healthy skin consists of approximately 50% ceramides. Reduced levels of ceramides lead to weaker barrier strength, making the skin more vulnerable to external stressors and dehydration.
As a skin care ingredient, topical application of ceramide NG can step in to help fill this gap and replenish the skin's barrier so it is better able to defend itself against external stimuli. Individual ceramides work best when combined with other replenishing ingredients to improve skin hydration, firmness and suppleness. https://www.paulaschoice.com/ingredient-dictionary/ingredient-ceramide-ng.html?q=Ceramide%20NG&fdid=ingredients