Capryloyl Glycine

Capryloylglycine is a synthetic amino acid derivative that acts as a skin emollient or hair conditioner. Depending on the formula, it can also be used as a surfactant.
Capryloylglycine helps protect the skin's surface from water loss and can increase the effectiveness of cosmetic preservatives, allowing smaller amounts to be used (a feature that minimizes the risk of a sensitized reaction).
As a raw material, suppliers of this ingredient describe it as a white to off-white powder.
In 2017, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel deemed capryloylglycine safe for use in cosmetics. Their report examined products containing up to 2%.
As a side note, capryloylglycine has also been studied as an important topical ingredient for inhibiting excessive body hair growth. One study found that a 4% concentration (along with soy isoflavones) was successful in this regard due to its ability to inhibit an enzyme found in hair follicles.