Get healthy and beautiful skin: 6 things to avoid in winter

The skin is already exposed enough to frost and cold, as well as a constant alternation between the cold outside and the heat inside. It is therefore important that you take care of your skin in winter. Here are 6 good tips on what you should avoid.

1. Water and frost
It says approaching itself. Going straight from the hot shower with damp skin into freezing weather is a bad idea. Remember to give the skin time to absorb your creams or oils before going outside. Then you avoid drying out and, in the worst case, frostbite. If you are particularly exposed to bitter frost or on a skiing holiday, take your bath in the evening instead of in the morning.

2. Solarium
Tanning beds dry out the skin, in addition to causing a lot of possible skin damage. If you are determined to get a little color through the winter, then certain forms of vitamin B (beta carotene) can give your skin a little glow. All types of self-tanners can also be a great help to get a little color without damaging the skin.

3. Constant heat inside without moisture
It's nice to be warm indoors. But if you wear warm socks and a cozy sweater, and lower the temperature just a few degrees, your indoor climate will dry out your skin significantly less. I remember that my grandmother and grandfather had small porcelain water vaporizers that sat on the radiators in the living room. They actually still exist if you search online. And remember to air out a few times a day.

4. Long hot baths
The longer and hotter your baths are, the more natural fat is removed from your skin. Perhaps you have experienced how dry your hands become after a large wash with lots of hot water? Instead, try to make your baths short - and maybe even skip a single day and take a floor wash instead. Your dry shins will love you for it.

5. Cleaning products with soap and alcohol
All soaps and all types of alcohol will dry out your skin. As if the cold and dry indoor climate wasn't enough, these cleansing products will worsen dry, winter-weary skin. But this point is easy to do something about. Find a cleaning product without soap and alcohol - there are plenty on the market. For example, take a look at my Cleansing Mask  a cleansing mask that needs to be used for just 30 seconds in the morning and evening.

6. Deny greasy creams/ointments
I know that there are a lot of people who almost fear greasy creams and ointments. But that is actually what is needed. If necessary, use it at night: Sleep with a thick ointment all over your face, then you should have saturated the skin enough for the whole following day. Believe me when I say that in Greenland they are more afraid of going out without a fat ointment than they are of all the many myths that exist about fat creams. I myself use my Repair at night – it's my best-selling product, which really gives the skin a moisture boost!

Remember to dress warmly
– and that a big smile is the easiest way to spread warmth to others in your path.

Hug Raz