In what order should I apply Raz Skincare Products?

You must always do what you do best. But if you are in doubt, I have made an overall order.

RAZ Skincare Routine / Sequence

First clean and remove dead skin cells. These are products that are always washed off:
Cleansing Mask
Orange Face Peel
Coffee Face Peel

Then products that stay on or are washed off:

Then products that always stay on, watery at first and then fatter and fatter:
Face Cream Calm
Face Cream Rich
Vitamin E

How do I read and understand the sequence?
The order is read from top to bottom.

No, you don't have to use them all. That is to mention all my face products.

If you only have three or four RAZ Skincare products, the order is still the same, you just ignore the products you don't use.

Evening routine or morning routine, you still look up and down and ignore the products you don't use.

This is a rule of thumb. Not set in stone. You have to feel for what suits you, so if there is something that works better for you, you must always listen to your own skin and body. We are all different.

I have instructions where I have changed the order, and in these cases, you must follow my instructions.

How much product should I use?

Appropriate, you must cover the skin and it must feel nice, your skin will probably tell if there is too little, because then you will not experience that it works optimally. So pay attention, because we are all different and you have to listen to your skin's needs, not some rule that has to cover everyone.

There is video and text around all products, so if you have any doubts, you can always find answers in video or text under the individual product.

How are the products applied?
Cool or throw, is absolutely the most fun. Whether they are dabbed, rolled, smeared or slapped on is completely irrelevant.

There is no evidence that any application unit does it better than the fingers. They only exist to get your money.

All the pseudoscience I come across is just to get you to believe in the product and get your money.

How should the products be mixed?
You can actually mix as much as you like. There are no rules and there is no evidence that the individual ingredients are harmful if they are mixed just before they get on the skin.

Of course, it is not possible to mix fatty and water-containing products. So mixing a Hh and a Repair won't be possible, it will just be a bunch of weird drops.

Remember that there are ingredients that cancel each other out over time, this is actually one of the reasons why we make several products.

Why are the products not mixed into one?
We are all different and some of us want, for example, more vitamin E in our Repair, but if I put more vitamin E in my Repair, I have to remove something else, since there is only the same amount of space.

That is why I have divided the products so that you can put them together according to your skin's needs.

At the same time, there are ingredients that cancel each other out over time. For example, a fruit acid will kill a lactic acid if they are mixed together for a long time.

Are there examples of research on sequencing?
There are currently only two research results for order. They are both research on hormone creams and when they should be applied to the skin. This research showed that it was not important when the hormone cream was applied in a routine.

Why isn't there research on sequencing skin routines?
Clinical research is not only time-consuming but also very expensive. The test subjects must also be paid and agree to have a biopsy done on their skin so that the research results can be seen.

What is the best order in my skin routine?

The industry and common sense say that those containing water should be used before those containing fat and oil.

It makes very good sense, for example to apply a water-based Hyaluron before an oil-mixed A-retinoid.

So first clean, then watery and then fatty.

Hug Raz